Cut back and you may experience:

GLOWING SKIN Sugar causes inflammation and lowers immunity. Less sugar means less acne and redness, and a reduction in coldsore breakouts.

A HEALTHY WEIGHT Sugar’s packed with empty calories. With childhood obesity skyrocketing, cutting down on sugar could mean a longer, healthier life for you and your child.

A BEAUTIFUL SET OF NUMBERS If you’ve got issues with cholesterol or blood sugar, a reduction in sugar should improve things.

A CLEAR MIND Less sugar means blood sugar levels stay even throughout the day, aiding concentration and focus – improving performance at school or work.

MORE ENERGY Spikes and slumps in blood sugar levels are responsible for the famous 3pm slump. With less sugar, your family’s energy levels will stay more even all day, meaning everyone will be just as energetic at 3pm as they were at 10am.

FEELING HAPPIER Sugar highs and lows can be linked with mood swings. Less sugar means a better mood.

HAPPY KIDS  Kids who no longer suffer from sugar rushes and crashes are happier kids. And happy kids make for happy parents.

IMPROVED DIGESTION with a reduction in bloating and gassiness


Beat bugs by cutting sugar

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How I cut sugar to get fighting fit

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Cut the sugar to protect young teeth

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I was pre-diabetic before cutting sugar

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What the experts say

Dr Aseem Malhotra, Action on Sugar

How does sugar compare to tobacco? A teaspoon of sugar or one cigarette will not harm you. But over time, the habit can be fatal. Unlike Big Tobacco, Big Sugar deliberately targets children. And added sugar has become so pervasive within the food environment that we can't avoid it even if we wanted to.  

Dr Debra Elsby, Paediatric Dentist

We have a large problem with tooth decay in all age groups. It is one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood, five times as common as asthma - 48% of five year olds have cavities. Negative experiences for these young children can lead to fear and phobia and costs are large for both the families and the government.

Professor Rob Moodie, University of Melbourne

Cutting our added sugar by half is the quickest, cheapest and most effective way of reducing chronic disease. We need all sides of politics to take these issues seriously, to support effective policies and water down the junk-food and junk-drink industries that are undermining our health.

Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM, Nutritionist

Over 80% of Australians' high sugar intake comes from 'discretionary' foods and drinks - what most of us call 'junk' foods. Sugar sweetened drinks are the worst culprits, contributing over half of our sugar. Next comes the thousands of confectionery snack foods (including muesli bars), then cakes, muffins and sweet biscu...