Makes us obese

Australia is in the grip of an obesity crisis. More than two in three Australians are overweight or obese.

Rates of obesity have soared from 19% to 28% in the last 20 years. By 2025 it is estimated one third of our kids will be overweight or obese, increasing their risks of many chronic diseases.

Too much added sugar causes weight gain, according to the World Health Organisation’s 2013 large scale review. The WHO recommends that added sugar should make up no more than 10% of our total calorie intake.

Australians consume an average of 22kg of added sugar each per year – more than twice the WHO’s recommended limits of 6 teaspoons per day. Worryingly, this may be the first generation of kids who don’t outlive their parents.

Obesity is set to cost Australia more than $87.5 billion over the next ten years if no action is taken. The cost to our collective wellbeing is estimated at $120 billion per year. 

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