Our Work

SugarByHalf promotes action to reduce sugar-related diseases so that Australians live better, stronger and healthier lives. This generation of Australian children are on track to live shorter lives than their parents, due to poor diet.  

That's why we are focussing on the following pillars of work:


1. Schools Education

We are working on an education program that will be adapted to the curriculum with lesson plans that cover sugar-related themes. The aim is to raise awareness about the causes of obesity and chronic disease, and for students to consider food systems and environments that impact on health. The program will equip school students with the knowledge and understanding required to make healthy nutritional decisions and initiate action at home.


2. Community Awareness Raising 

We are working on programs that raise awareness about chronic disease and added sugar and support individuals and communities to take action to make their communities healthier.  

We will also launch digital resources that parents and other audiences can access to inform themselves on sugar-related disease and reduce added sugar consumption in their family.


Contact us

We are seeking to work with values aligned organisations in achieving the above goals which make it easier for Australian families to live better, stronger and healthier lives. Please contact us if you’d like to explore a collaboration.