Sugar Calculator

Most of us are eating too much added sugar, but it’s tough working out how much is lurking in your food. We’ve selected some of the most popular Australian food items that contain added sugar so you can select the quantity and click calculate to see how sugar quickly adds up.


1 cup (100g)

Sugary Cereal

1 cup (40g)


1 cup (200 ml)

Flavoured Yoghurt

1 single tub (200g)


1 serve (610ml)

Soft drink


Muesli bar

1 serve (45g)

Breakfast drink

1 serve (250 ml)


1 muffin (158g)

Pasta sauce

1 serve (125g)

Stir fry Sauce

1 serve (130g)

Added Sugar to
Tea or Coffee

1 teaspoon (4g)