SugarByHalf weekly media wrap 22-29 October

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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5 tips to have a healthier Halloween

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Research reveals higher liver cancer threat for obese people



Can a national coalition get manufacturers to cut sugar by 40%?

Aussies urged to cut out soft drinks to avoid cancer

Cancer Council urges Aussies to ditch sugary drinks



Portfolio shift: Sugar tax knocks Coca-Cola Classic: but Zero Sugar up 50% in Britain...

Coke to launch sugar-free fanta in Kenya market



Nutrition Facts Label Reboot: A Tale of Two Labels

Food Labels 101: Top 10 Ingredients You Need to Know About

Young: The frustration with food labels


Sugar tax

Sugar tax hits the middle classes!

Tonight at 11: Jesse Jones investigates the unseen costs of the sugar tax

Paisley joiner Lee Callaghan's home bru revenge on sugar tax

Irn Bru fan fed up by recipe change following sugar tax makes 'home brew' version

East Cheshire schools in £200k boost from new sugar tax