5 low sugar lunchbox foods for fussy eaters

Not much is more depressing than finding a withered lunch, with barely a nibble mark on it, in your child’s lunchbox after school.

If your carefully prepared feta muffins or sweet potato gratin is being rejected day after day, don’t give up!


There are many low sugar foods that are plain, familiar and will appeal to your picky child. 

The most important thing is to communicate with your child. ‘What DO you like?’ is a question that might save food waste and heartache all round.

Involving them in the choice and preparation of their lunch food is another way to make it more likely that they will eat what you supply.

Here’s five fuss-free ideas for fussy eaters to get you started:


Wholemeal wrap – Fussy kids often love very plain food, and wraps have high ‘plain’ scores. If you make sure you buy wholemeal wraps, there will be some fibre in there, and a great vehicle for your child’s chosen filling. Protein rich fillings like nut butter*, tuna, or egg are all good options. 

Wholemeal wrap CHIPS - You can also pop your wraps into the oven, turn them crispy and send healthier chip alternative along with your child to dip into guacamole or hummus.

Popcorn – Sure, the stuff you buy at the shop is packed with additives, but if you air pop it yourself at home and send it along in a reuseable container, it’s all good. High in fibre, popcorn has all the snacktastic fun of a packet of chips – with none of the added nasties.

Celery and hummus – Ah, celery, the vegetable that provides maximum crunch and minimum taste. Used as a vehicle for a protein rich spread like hummus, this can be a way to get your fussy eater ingesting some fibre, protein and vitamins.

Cheese – Even fussy kids often have a favourite cheese. Because cheese is high in protein and fat, it will fill up your child and keep them focused on learning. Send it along in cubes, or as part of a salad with whatever veggies your child will eat.


*Depending on your school’s allergy policy of course. If your school allows nut products, do make sure your child is allergy aware and understands that some kids must not come into contact with nut products.