SugarByHalf news wrap Dec 15-21

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Six easy ways to reduce children's sugar intake

A Life Less Sugar: Author Amanda Tiffen's book about quitting sugar

Getting More Sleep Curbs Sugar Cravings, Study Finds

Is that yogurt really healthy? Here's what to know.

Teens likely to crave junk food after watching TV ads

Living Well Eating Smart: Cut added sugars with fruit & veggies



What's Worse for You: Sugar or Artificial Sweetener?

Is Sugar the Cause of Your Headache or Migraine?

Children encouraged to swap high-sugar snacks for healthier options

Brushing your kid's teeth alone WON'T stop tooth decay caused by sugar

Why sugar is bad for you

Ask the doctors: Fruit juice not suitable drink for toddlers

Health & Wellness: No sugarcoating sugar's impact on the body


The Sugardemic

Sugary drinks - NZ worse than Canada, UK and Australia, study finds

Big Sugar and Its Not-so-sweet Cover-Up



KFC and McDonalds Will Be Ordered To 'Calorie Cap' Their Food

Calorie caps in processed food: Industry welcomes 'focus beyond sugar'

Bring your ID: Aldi to stop selling all energy drinks to under 16s

Starbucks hypocrisy: High street firm blasted for selling kids hot chocolate with 3 teaspoons of sugar

Are fragmenting attitudes to health a threat to food brands?

High street giants including Costa and Greggs vow to cut sugar

Bayn Europe is setting up a subsidiary in China for sugar reduction


Sugar Tax

Call for cheaper healthy foods plus sugar tax

Coca-Cola to cut bottle size but increase price in face of sugar tax

If we want to improve global health, we need to tax the things that are killing us

The Case for the Health Taxes

Mexico and Hungary tried junk food taxes — and they seem to be working

The government must take action against sugary drinks