SugarByHalf news wrap 13-19 Oct

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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High street milkshakes found to contain up to 39 teaspoons of sugar

Sugar Is Addictive? BS, These Health Pros Say

How To Cut Back On Sugar

Beware Hidden Sugar in 'Healthy' Foods



Health Departments Set Goals for Sugar Reduction

Medical association seeks warning labels for added sugars

Healthy Oshkosh: Understanding sugar and the health risks it poses

Two Factors at Birth Can Boost a Child's Obesity Risk

Cancer Council urges Victorians to cut one key diet item to boost health

Obesity among women: a serious concern


The Sugardemic

Sugary treats which cause obesity account for 70% of items at checkout, study finds

Move sugary snacks away from checkouts and shop entrances

Childhood obesity report - We need action, not more words



New Document Archive Could Open Litigation Against Junk Food Companies

Ban freakshakes containing 'grotesque' levels of sugar, say campaigners

It'll be lonely this Christmas without the Coca-Cola truck

Study Finds Some 'Healthy Waters' Are Actually Alarmingly High In Sugar



Doctors' group urges FDA to add warning labels to high sugar products

Clock Ticking for Food Label Overhaul

What does the label say? Physicians seek transparency


Sugar Tax

A bittersweet pill for a fat nation to swallow

French Polynesia opts for sugar tax

More meaningful tax on sugar