SugarByHalf media wrap: 8-14 January

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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How to cut your child's sugar intake

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Obesity experts slam slurpees for their staggering sugar content

NHS hospital bans sugar from its meals to tackle staff obesity

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Increased diet soda intake linked to host of health problems

Does Sugar Impact Brain Function?


'Sugar health crisis' blamed for surge in children forced to have multiple teeth removed

Dentists warn of child tooth decay crisis as extractions hit new high

Sugar could be fundamental cause of obesity, diabetes epidemics

Jamie Oliver teams up with Redbridge Council after three in five residents overweight or obese


Tim Tams or Oat Slice? Which of these foods has the most sugar?

Hands off our Irn‑Bru

Sorry Guys But The Full-Sugar Version Of Irn Bru Is Officially Over

Minister Shaw Urges Beverage Manufacturers to Cut Sugar Content

Bendigo organisations back AMA call to ban junk food advertising

Sugar tax

Sugar tax: why health experts want it but politicians and industry are resisting

Fresh push for sugar tax gains momentum in Australia

WHO hails Philippine move to raise taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages

Australian Medical Association calls for sugar tax