Sugarbyhalf media wrap 7-13 Nov

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Sugar speeds up dementia: Glucose makes Alzheimers even more severe

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Reduced Sugar Claims Misleading

A focus on dental health can protect children from becoming overweight

Rotten teeth extractions reveal growth in child poverty, dentists say


The Sugardemic

 Diabetes epidemic rapidly spreading

The bitter truth about sugar

Obesity Rising: Can We Do Anything to Reverse This Deadly Trend?



New calls for 'added sugar' labels on food

Nutella secretly adds more sugar to its spread recipe

Ferrero 'secretly' increases sugar in Nutella

Don't sell Coke during Coca-Cola truck tour in Scotland

Coke truck promotion under fire from Scots health chiefs

Food rating scheme getting a healthy boost

Inside the fight to label sugary, salty and fatty foods in Canada


Sugar tax

Sugar tax all set for Parliament approval

Sugar tax bill ready for 2018

Sugar tax debate to soon heat up