SugarByHalf media wrap 7-13 August

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Check Your Health: Avoiding added sugar

'Sugar Shock!' classes will address ways to combat added sugars in food

Nine ingredients in Coca-Cola that might make you think twice

Love Sugar? THIS Is The Secret To Eating It Healthfully

Man describes what happened to his body when he gave up fizzy drinks

Stop Drinking Soda -- Here's Why and How You Should Quit

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The 7 Best Things To Order At Burger King, According To Nutritionists

Sugar intake in children – more than just a weight issue

Weight Loss Tips: 10 foods that you should avoid if you want to lose weight

Here are the pros and cons of low-calorie sweetened drinks



Lancaster General Health launching sugar-free initiative

Penn Health System to eliminate the sale of sugar-sweetened drinks

Is Natural Sugar In Fruit Good Or Bad For Your Health

Alarmed by health trends, Iowa cancer doctor fights disease, sugar and food industry

The starch risk to teeth

Young offenders to get tips on healthy eating under Government drive

Learning, growing can all start with healthy snack

Health Alert! White And Brown Sugar Are All The Same!



US teens: Higher prevalence of obesity than Grenada youth

How lack of vegetables is creating a billion-dollar obesity epidemic

The Toll of America's Obesity

How America's current food environment makes it easy to become obese



Consumers seek to reduce sugar, but lack understanding

Watchdog backs 'healthy' McDonald's Happy Meal ad on children's TV



Judge's Deference To FDA On 'Added Sugar' Regulation Secures Win for Food Labelling Defendant...

Reduced sugar with the label in mind


Sugar tax

NZ Health Minister responds to appointment of 'number one' sugar tax advocate

Sugar tax has 'little impact' on consumer habits

Sugar tax has 'little impact' on consumer behaviour

Do “sin taxes” work?