SugarByHalf media wrap 6-12 Nov

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Diwali 2018: Simple And Quick Shortcuts To Cut Sugar During Festive Season

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The “Health” Foods That Sabotage Your Diet, And What To Swap Them For

The bittersweet truth about honey is that it isn't very healthy

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Energy drinks narrow blood vessels within 90 minutes of intake

To keep weight off and your heart healthy, don't pig out at night


The Sugardemic

Let me eat cake: the health secretary's prevention talk is meaningless

Scottish children face sugar-induced 'health time bomb'

UN report: Obesity growing 'uncontrollably' in Latin America

Scottish children risking obesity with high sugar intake



Raley's Revamps Cold Cereal Aisle to Highlight Healthier Offerings

Big Soda And The Ballot: Soda Industry Takes Cues From Tobacco

What's really in your Mars bar? Sugar and then more sugar



Raley's takes aim at added sugar in cereal

FDA Unveils New Food Nutrition Labels


Sugar tax

Coca-Cola and Pepsi's deceptive tactic to stop soda taxes worked

Washington voters decide gun, sugar tax issues

Study calls for sugar tax in NZ - 'Self-regulation is not working'

Malaysia to introduce tax on sugary soft drinks and juices

Sugar tax can address Malaysia's rising obesity issue