Sugarbyhalf media wrap 2-9 October

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Put down that block of chocolate: Eating too much sugar could increase heart disease risk

How healthy is your favourite ketchup? 

Pesto, salad dressing and cous cous: the unhealthiest 'healthy foods'

Stefanie: 'I cut sugar and shed 11st in 18 months'

Is dark chocolate healthy?



Here's What 12 Weeks Of Eating Lots Of Sugar Does To Your Body

Science Says Your Diet Isn't Healthy Unless It's Low Sugar 

High sugar diets cause depression

How to win back your health in the battle against sugar

More sugar in healthy lifestyle drinks than you may expect

The Sugar-Anxiety Connection You Need To Know About


Too much sugar? Even 'healthy people' are at risk of developing heart disease 

Child obesity is a 'national emergency'. So what is Jeremy Hunt doing?

Is sugar a trick or treat? Seminar offers answers

Sugar: A Dangerous and Addictive Drug?



Bad Taste Awards out sneaky sugar-filled 'healthy' foods

Tories blasted for railing against child obesity at party conference sponsored by sugar firm

Anger after Tory conference is sponsored by Tate & Lyle 

Calls to limit sugar in Aust soft drinks

Healthy sugar battles obesity

The true cost of sugar is more than its price


Sugar tax

Don't let a sugar tax debate distract us from the obesity crisis

John Daley flips on soda tax, boosting repeal effort

Cook County Beverage Tax Fizzles