SugarByHalf media wrap: 2-8 April

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Teeth health: A child has a rotten tooth removed every 10 MINUTES

Fizzy drinks ban needed to protect children's health, say dental group

STOP THE ROT: More than 400 Bradford children had teeth extracted


The Sugardemic

Obesity-related hospital admissions 'double in four years'



UK's Tesco says own-brand soft drink prices will not rise after sugar tax

Why cereal companies are returning to sugar

EU sugar companies struggle to survive as prices plunge post-quotas


Sugar tax

Sugar taxes improve health of the poor, major study finds

Soft drink sugar tax starts, but will it work?

Chronic diseases can be curbed with 'sin taxes', study finds

Don't believe the propaganda – sin taxes are designed to punish the poor

UK rolls out sugar tax in battle against obesity

You may rail against the sugar tax – but this 'nanny state' levy could help save countless lives

South Africa introduces sugar tax

Sugar taxes start to bite, but agile formulators have been prepared

Sugar tax: What other countries might impose a levy on soft drinks?

Coke drinkers on new sugar tax: 'Leave our sugar alone!'

Sugar tax: Will paying more for fizzy drinks and alcohol make us healthier?

'Sin taxes' on sugar, alcohol and tobacco likely to change lifestyle

Sugar tax takes effect targeting childhood obesity and oral health

The bitter reality of the sugar tax

Sugar tax is 'the least the food industry can do'