SugarByHalf media wrap 26 June - 2 July

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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How To Find The Hidden Sugars In Food Labels

Push to ban cartoon characters from high-sugar children's food

Is stevia a good alternative to sugar?



UK health system cuts sugar from canteens

HEALTH: We can ALL ditch sugar!

Magazine reveals foods that really cause cancer

Lifestyle choices can slow aging process

Eating a high-fat, high-sugar diet can increase risk of Alzheimer's

Children are being introduced to sugar too early, says local physician

Should under-16s be banned from buying energy drinks?


The Sugardemic

Strong public support for sugar tax and other 'nanny state' interventions: poll

The big problem with our over-sugared children in America

Time for action on sugar and obesity

The sweet taste of excess

Sugar-coating the truth or a sweet alternative?

UCD first college to ban sale of sugary drinks on campus



Opinion: Soft drink industry head says push to ditch sugar requires no sweetener

Australia's Soft Drink Makers Promise Sugar Cuts To Help Health

Sugar cut pledge a scam

Beverage industry worried over health warning label

Sweet drinks to carry health warnings

'A scam': Obesity experts slam soft drink industry's sugar cut pledge


Sugar tax

A sugar tax is an unnecessary attack on freedom

California prohibits city soda taxes through 2030

State deal saves SF soda tax, blocks other cities from imposing their own

Sugar tax plan leaves sour taste