SugarByHalf media wrap: 21-27 August

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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How Much Sugar Should You Have A Day?

California passes statewide healthy kids' meal bill

Here's the scoop on added sugar

Snacks by the book: Eight school lunchbox treats put to the test

'I know what I'm having for breakfast!': Shopper is shocked to discover Tesco granola contains more sugar than dark chocolate

Is your energy bar a candy bar in disguise?

What Happened to the Sugar on My Frosted Mini-Wheats?



Diabetes EPIDEMIC: Doctors issue heart attack warning

How eating mushrooms may improve blood sugar control

How Much Sugar Is It Safe To Eat Per Week?

How Much Sugar Should You Have A Day?


The Sugardemic

The Case Against Sugar

BHF calls for bold action in tackling obesity rates and improving lifestyle choices



Heinz fined $2.25M for lying about sugar in healthy kids snacks

Multimillion-dollar fine sparks call for Kiwi action on Shredz

Scientists discover a way to reduce sugar content in cakes by 40%

CA Judge Certifies Class in Kellogg False Advertising Cereal Lawsuit

Coca-Cola UK redesigns Zero Sugar packaging to look like the original Coke



Read the labels: Sugars hiding in plain sight

Should You Bite on Energy Bar Health Claims?

71 percent of US consumers check for sugar content, claims Kerry research


Sugar tax

Sugar tax will improve oral health

Fizzy drinks sugar tax brings in €2m a month

Sticky Business: Will Taxes on Sugary Sodas Help to Dilute America's Cardiometabolice Crisis?