SugarByHalf media wrap 20-26 Nov

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Sweetened drinks 'more harmful' than natural sugar

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Be Addictive

Yogurt or dessert? High sugar makes it hard to tell

7 Tips To Kick Your Sugar Cravings For Good

Can't lose weight? These 'health foods' could be to blame



Shocking rise in child diabetes: 7000 youngsters have Type 2 in 'gravest health crisis'

Children's health is at stake. Sugar and calorie reduction is non negotiable

Type-2 diabetes cases SOAR in UK

Is Diabetes Sneaking Up on You? 6 Early Signs

Sour taste from NSW hospitals' sugar ban


The Sugardemic

Food industry warned to act on obesity 'pandemic'

Overwhelming public support for sugar and calorie reduction

Nine in ten people WANT sugar and calories to be reduced in food



Junk food ad ban on London transport to take effect in February

London bans junk food ads on its transport network

Fizzy drinks like Coke MORE likely to trigger deadly diabetes



The Skinny on New Sugar Calorie Counts

Food companies fail to agree on new nutrition label in Europe

If you drink a lot of sugar, this might convince you to cut back


Sugar Tax

Sugar tax on soft drinks raises £154m

Sugar tax revenue helps tackle childhood obesity

Sugar tax news: research shows staggering support for sugar reduction

Sugar tax raises £154m but the government warns more must be done