SugarByHalf media wrap: 12-19 February

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Love on a plate but Valentine meals offers full of salt, fat and sugar

Less sugar will make life sweeter

'I Tried A No-Added-Sugar Challenge For A Month'.

If you're not overweight, why do you need to eat healthy foods?

I did a no-added sugar diet for a week and surprisingly remained sane


Is a high sugar diet damaging your gut?

Sweet but sinister too — just how bad is all that sugar for your heart?

Valentine's Day meals 'shockingly unhealthy', find health scientists

Sugar Is Wreaking Havoc on Your Hormonal Health

Cravings for sure, but can sugar cause addiction?

Fruit juices aren't healthy. Eat a fruit instead

3 tips from a dentist to keep Valentine's Day sweet for kids' teeth

How drinking sugar-sweetened beverages can cut your chances of conceiving

The Sugardemic

Researchers challenge claims that sugar industry shifted blame to fat

Dentists are fed up with doing tooth extractions on toddlers

Scotland's obesity crisis: two-year-olds are being referred to weight specialists

One Hidden Culprit Behind Weight Gain: Fruit Juice


McDonald's making strong push to make Happy Meals healthy meals

McDonald's nixes cheeseburger from Happy Meal

Valio to cut salt and sugar by 2020, backs UN sustainability program

Sugar Tax

Cautious welcome for new sugar tax

Maine Voices: Sugar restrictions would be good for all of us

How meal deals could undo the benefits of the sugar tax