SugarByHalf media wrap 12-18 June

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Everything you need to know about added sugars (and how to avoid them)

Is Honey Actually Any Better Than Sugar Or Is Everybody Lying?

Working Americans Are Consuming More Junk Food At Work

Diet tip, eat almonds to lower risk of heart failure, maintain sugar levels

The bitter truth about sugar-free ice cream



Children in pain waiting half a year for dental operations

A Cardiologist Tells Us the Worst Thing For Heart Health

Men's Health Week: spotlight on sugar

Juice, chocolate milk ban will improve student well-being

What your food cravings say about your health


The Sugardemic

'Can Ireland afford to have half its citizens clinically obese?'

Children in England consuming 'twice as much sugar as recommended'

Children eat a year's worth of sugar in just FIVE months

Children in England have already reached this year's sugar limit, warn experts

CDC says toddlers eat more sugar than amount recommended for adults



Fate of sugarcane growers is tied to the health of sugar factories

Chocolatiers confect new ways to woo sugar sceptics

In new war on sugar, chocolate makers getting creative


Sugar Tax

Renewed calls for sugar, tobacco and alcohol taxes

Coca-Cola recruiting lobbyist to fight sugar tax, despite new research

Sugar tax could be sweet, sour fix for childhood obesity