SugarbyHalf media watch 5-11 June

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Coca-Cola launches new no sugar variety — but is it any healthier?

New 'no sugar' brand spells end of Coke Zero

What are the benefits of giving up sugar?

One-month sugar detox: A nutritionist explains how and why

How to do a sugar detox: 10 signs you're addicted to the sweet stuff

5 Gluten- And Sugar-Free Snacks For On-The-Go Fueling

As sugar goes out of fashion, fat comes back in



Canadian children are consuming five times more sugar than they should

Diabetes Week 2017: Allen Carr's Addiction Clinics Claim Sugar is the New Smoking Epidemic for the UK



Sugar substitutes: Experts investigate sweeteners' health toll

Diabetes symptoms: Snacking on THIS can help manage blood sugar

Time to limit sugar to six teaspoons a day



Woolworths cuts salt, sugar and saturated fat on its 'Select' brand

Coldpress secures £2.3m to help tackle drinks industry “sugar wars” 

Plunging sugar price is no health kick



University of Canberra study proves fructose no worse than any sugar

We know too much sugar is bad for us, but do different sugars have different health effects?


Sugar tax

Seattle Slams Soda Makers with Hefty $1.18 Per 2-Liter Bottle Sugar tax

DTI: Soft-drink levy must be based on sugar content

Sugar tax under fire from producers, unions and business

The bitter taste of sugar

Marco Gori: Sugar tax cash should go to farmers and food campaigns

The US had no soda taxes in 2013. Now nearly 9 million Americans live with them