Sugarbyhalf media watch: 31 Oct - 6 Nov

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Supermarket meal deals 'contain up to 30 teaspoons of sugar'

This Is the Healthiest Time to Eat Your Halloween Candy

Stay away from freakshakes: Sugary drinks ups risk of developing diabetes

Why your breakfast is making you FAT

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Detox tips to help combat the Halloween sugar rush

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Sweet nothings 

Expert: Too Much Sugar at Halloween is No Treat

3 Great Reasons to Snack on Pecans


Two fizzy drinks a WEEK increases risk of diabetes, heart disease

This Infographic Shows What Eating Too Much Sugar Does to Your Body

The Sugardemic

Sugar: The sweet but deadly, silent killer

Why sugar-laden Raisin Bran is considered 'heart healthy,' but soy is not

The problem with sugar culture

Sugar addiction – Why carbs, not fats, are the problem

Childhood Obesity on the Rise: Watch the Sugar Intake

Americans battle with sugar addiction

Making a small start is key for our children's healthy eating


Banning unhealthy meal deals is not the answer

The Coca-Cola Truck Could be Banned From Liverpool

Health experts criticise Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour

Sugar Tax 

Industry hits out at 'scapegoating' as France amends sugar tax

Prominent Far Northern doctor calls for Australian sugar tax

Coca-Cola preparing for potential sugar tax