Sugarbyhalf media watch 24-30 Oct

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Here’s the Dangerous Amount of Sugar Kids Will Consume on Halloween

Starbucks' Zombie Frappuccino Contains a Frightening Amount of Sugar

OK But Do You Actually Know WTF Is In Candy Corn?

Turns Out, Foods Labeled 'No Added Sugar' Could Be Loaded With Sugar 



Sugar and cancer: Is there a link?

Foods with 'no added sugar' might not add up to healthy eating

4 horrible things sugar does to your brain

'Fruit juice may be as bad or worse than soft drinks'

Don't Let Halloween Treats Trick Your Dental Health


The Sugardemic 

Bronze medallist joins fight against sugar

SNP plan to tackle Scotland's obesity crisis

Health dept. pushes new initiative to combat high blood sugar, obesity

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says cakes should be TAXED to fund health schemes

Mary Poppins was an Enabler



Hungry Jack's needs to stop its $1 supersized frozen coke promotion

Israel Scales Back Plan to Label Products With High Sugar Content


Sugar tax

Poll: Tax on sugary drinks possible

France tackles obesity by hiking 'soda tax' on sugary drinks