SugarbyHalf media watch 21-28 May

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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How Much Sugar Is in a Glass of Wine?

Ignore lunatic lifestyle gurus. Sugar's not the new heroin

Apple's Tim Cook has tracked his blood sugar, so I tried it too ...

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Eat right to stop sugar cravings

Ten good reasons to give up sugar

CEREAL KILLERS? Refined grains in breakfast foods

These sippables won't leave you sugar shocked

Summer desserts don't need sugar to please the palate

Dig deep to reduce sugar dependency

'Count Your Cubes': Canadians challenged to limit sugary drinks


European supermarkets recruit children for blind taste tests 

Woman sues Jelly Belly for being 'packed with sugar'

More milk, less sugar for new Milkybar recipe

Global war on sugar haunts industry

Proposed law aims to cut sugar intake

Apple's needleless blood sugar tracker has an uphill battle in front of it

Coca-Cola: The War On Sugar Has Just Begun

War on Sugar Turns Years of Growth Into Market Tipping Point

$150B Sugar Industry on Verge of 'Tipping Point'

The bitter taste of the sugar trade

Delaying added-sugar labeling could hurt manufacturers in the long run


Texas scientists: Sugar fuels various forms of cancer

Sweet news on sugar's cancer role

Secret sugar cut could be deadly for diabetics

Greedy lung cancer cells slurp up sugar, study finds

Sugar Low: Prices Drop As Health Fears Hit Demand

Too much sugar may throw off memory

UK: Jamie Oliver and Sustain Launch Sugar Smart Campaign

Sugar tax

Sugar tax can help address child obesity epidemic

Study on Cork children lead to calls for sugar tax

Britvic boss urges delay for sugar tax launch