SugarbyHalf media watch 19-25 June

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Is it time to ditch Frosties for porridge oats? Health bosses name and shame sugar laden cereals

Too Much Sugar in Some 'Healthy' Foods

These six 'health' foods aren't as good for you as they seem

Healthy Habits That Really Aren't So Healthy at All

How Cutting Sugar Out Has Made a Dramatic Change in My Life



Too much sugar 'could be stopping you from falling pregnant' 

A Can A Day Triples Your Risk Of Stroke

'They don't realise how unhealthy they are': Fast foods rated in major new study

Nutrition Talk: Our bittersweet relationship with added sugar


The Sugardemic

Proper debate on sugar tax needed in fight against obesity and diabetes

Sports clubs, hospitals and schools urged to ban sugary drinks by top sports doctor

Sugar labelled the new tobacco ahead of FIZZ symposium

Melbourne surgeons forced to remove rotten teeth from children due to sugary diets

Doctors Want Sugar and 'Cancer-Causing' Foods Out of Hospitals

Nation's doctors fight sugary beverages to reduce health harm

Food labelling: A natural opportunity to reducing sugar intake



Small job losses if sugar content cut – Treasury

Soft drink makers back product reformulation as 'healthier' than taxation

The soft drinks industry to reduce added sugars a further 10% by 2020

Coca Cola South Africa reduces sugar across core brands


Sugar tax

Taxing sugary drinks would boost productivity, not just health

Sugar tax: Job losses lower than industry's projections

Sugar tax study: compelling evidence to carry out 'fascinating experiment in public health policy

Spanish drinks industry unites against new Catalan sugar tax

Sugar Tax May Be Completely The Wrong Way To Tackle SA's obesity

Treasury rejects claims of calamitous job losses from sugar tax