Sugarbyhalf media watch 17--23 July

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Feeling trapped and sapped by sugar addiction?

5 Ways To Make Healthy Choices When Shopping For Your Kids

These eight low-sugar fruits are the best for you

How To Beat Sugar Cravings

Keep your sugar craving under control

No chocolate milk? No problem—kids get used to plain milk



Taking a rest from sugar and alcohol changes your perspective 

Going sour on sweet stuff: Why is sugar bad for you?

Boost brain function with a healthy diet: Study

Are sports drinks healthy for kids? Better check sugar content

Will Eating Sugar Make My Cancer Worse?

Pass the Salt: The Myth of the Low-Salt Diet

Surging tooth decay causing more kids in hospital 


The Sugardemic

New Zealand food policies need to change to tackle obesity

Are sugary drink interventions changing people's behavior?

Commercial baby food full of sugar, empty fillers - expert


Coca-Cola, ABA Accused of Obscuring Link Between Obesity, sugary beverages 

New CDC Chief Saw Coca-Cola as Ally in Obesity Fight

Sugarcane farmers learn how to fight attacks on sugar


Sugar Tax

Sugar tax 'clearly reduces consumption', particularly for children

Sugar tax and ban on fast-food outlets near schools?

Tax big but spend wisely, finds research on sugar levies

Doctors from Major Countries Support Proposed Sin Tax on Sugar