SugarByHalf LIVE on Facebook

SugarByHalf teamed up with Facebook and their new Facebook Live tool to create a series of videos.


During the event, live video was streamed to our audience. Host Renae Leith-Manos interviewed SugarByHalf ambassadors while SugarByHalf supporters asked questions and gave feedback in real time.

We'd like to thank our ambassadors, Facebook and our film crew Digital Storytellers for helping to make the event a success!


If you missed the broadcast, have a look at some of the videos:

Dr Peter Brukner introduces SugarByHalf and talks with host Renae Leith-Manos about the sugardemic. Watch it here 

That Sugar Film's Damon Gameau talks all things sugar – including how he manages his own 3 year old’s love of chocolate. Watch it here

Commando Steve talks about kids, nutrition and education. Watch it here

Peter FitzSimons talks about his impressive 40kg weight-loss. Then they are joined by Damon Gameau, Dr Peter Brukner, Commando Steve, Matthew Hopcraft and Angela Emmerton for a live Q&A session. Watch it here

Footballer Jeremy Laidler and Sports Physician Dr Peter Brukner talk about sugar and sport. Watch it here

Bondi Rescue's Dean Gladstone talks about his own experience of sugar’s effects on his health. Watch it here

Matthew Hopcraft talks with Lynette Carroll Bolton about raising healthy kids Watch it here


Handy recipes and sugarswaps

Matthew Hopcraft cooks up a quick and easy breakfast frittata as an alternative to sugary cereals Watch it here

Nutritionist and That Sugar Film ambassador Angela Emmerton shares ideas on how to enjoy Christmas with less added sugar, hosted by Matthew Hopcraft. Watch it here

Scott Gooding makes a green smoothie and a low-sugar version of choc-hazelnut spread. Watch it here