Sugar in the media

There's a lot of talk about sugar these days. We've pulled together a summary of some of the best media mentions on the topic for December and January. Find this useful? Follow us on twitter where we will share our weekly digest of sugar in the news.


Gary Taubes' new book The Case Against Sugar has just been released. His earlier book Good Calories Bad Calories was a real eye-opener and this one will be the same. Taubes is an incredibly thorough researcher, so all the evidence will be there.  


The Case Against Sugar review – an unsweetened attack on diet myths

Is Sugar the World’s Most Popular Drug? 

The Case for Eliminating Sugar - All of it

Gary Taubes podcast - How bad science made the world obese

Is Sugar Killing Us? 

The Case Against Sugar

Sugar: A Matter of Life and Death - book review

How breakfast cereal got hooked on sugar  


Peter FitzSimons’ new book is also out. A personal story, well written in his inimitable way. 


'Weigh yourself every day': The secrets of Peter FitzSimons' Great Aussie Bloke Slim-Down'-weight-loss-tips-for-blokes/8115114

Great Aussie Bloke Slim-down - Overnights on ABC radio


WHO’s Sandro Demaio is one of the world most influential pubic health physicians

Seven essential tips to breaking up with sugar - Dr Sandro Demaio


Robert Lustig’s YouTube video has more than 6 million views. Most recently he has called sugar “the alcohol of the child”. 

Sugar is the ‘alcohol of the child’, yet we let it dominate the breakfast table


Latest research shows that sugar-free diet drinks do not help weight loss

Sugar-free diet drinks do not aid weight loss and are no healthier than alternatives, research suggests

No evidence sugar-free soft drinks aid weight loss – study

You mean you doubt Diet Coke’s health claims? David Mitchell


Sugar at breakfast

Children consume half of daily sugar quota at breakfast – study


Adverse health effects of sugar

Is Sugar the New Smoking?

Can Sugar really give you Cancer?

The Beginning Of 2017 Signals The End Of The Sugar Age 

Memory slipping? You might be eating too much sugar


Diabetes complications

How diabetic foot disease can lead to amputations and even death


Sugar in foods and drinks 

How well do you know your Starbucks?

These 15 kinds of yogurt have more sugar than candy


The food industry and sugar 

The food industry is gaslighting us on the harms of sugar

Lawsuit alleges Coke spent billions of dollars deceiving customers on the health risks of sugary drinks


Ways to reduce sugar

How Much Sugar Can You Avoid Today?

How to quit sugar this year

9 Easy Ways To Beat Your Pesky Sugar Addiction

Ditching sugar is a new year diet that might actually work. Here's why

How to detox from sugar

Ultimate guide to beating sugar: From meal prep to meditation, 7 ways to keep YOUR January diet on track


Sugar alternatives

An Australian biotech has applied to patent the world’s first low-GI sugar


Sugar tax

Several health-related organizations in West Virginia plan to lobby the state Legislature this year for an increase in the state’s sugary drink tax.