Sugar facts: 19 handy books



Get the in-depth information on sugar with this handy reading guide:


Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar, Obesity and Disease by Dr. Robert Lustig 

The Case against Sugar by Gary Taubes (to be released December 2016) 

Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution by Richard Bernstein 

Pure White and Deadly: How Sugar is Killing Us by John Yudkin 

Sweet Poison by David Gillespie 

What the Fat? Fat’s IN, Sugar’s OUT by Grant Schofield, Caryn Zinn and Crag Rodger 

The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz 

Good Calories, Bad Calories (aka The Diet Delusion) by Gary Taubes 

Why We Get Fat : And What to Do about It by Gary Taubes 

Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss 

The Obesity Epidemic by Zoe Harcombe 

I Quit Sugar for Life by Sarah Wilson 

The Coke Machine by Michael Blanding 

Sugar Crush by Richard Jacoby and Raquel Baldelomar 

Sugar Nation by Jeff O’Connell 

Sugar Blues by William Duffy 

Suicide by Sugar by Nancy Appleton and G.N.Jacobs 

Sugar Shock by Nicholas Perricone 

Lick the Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton