Sugar By Half media wrap 28 August - 4 Sept

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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5 healthy ways to get a boost without added sugar

How much sugar is it safe to eat per week?

What's really in protein bars and are they healthy?

Consumers aren't so sweet on sugar, studies find

Life Lessons: Ways to cut out added sugar



Government proposes energy drinks ban for children

UK to ban sale of high-sugar, high-caffeine energy drinks to children

Parents are 'fuelling the obesity crisis' by packing lunchboxes with sugar

Red meat and cheese back on menu in healthy diet for heart

Ban sale of energy drinks to youngsters: UAE doctors

Study looks at impact of sugar on child's brain function

Surprising things that cause thrush….from eating too much sugar to skinny jeans

Energy drinks encourage obesity and aggressive behaviour

ASK THE DOCTORS: Kicking sugar addiction will lower your risk for ...


The Sugardemic

Candy shouldn't be sold by schools to students

AI can predict a city's obesity levels from its buildings

Study: Obesity at Young Age Increases Cancer Risk Later



Heinz fined $1.65m over misleading health claim

Starbucks' 'Healthier' Frappuccinos Still Have Nearly 50 Grams of Sugar

Food marketed as 'healthy' is fooling consumers: experts

UK Coco Pops only have half the sugar of Kiwi Coco Pops



Few people at risk for heart disease understand food labels

Food giants back US consumers in battle for meaningful food labelling

Food labels confuse those who need them most, study finds


Sugar tax

Better to tax high-sugar food instead of soda only, think tanks say

After sugar tax, UK eyes energy drinks ban

Why the sugar tax falls flat