Sugar by Half media watch 26 March to 1 April

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Finding hidden sugars in your diet

Children 'eating three times as much sugar as they should'

How to Cut Sugar From Your Bowl of Oatmeal

Is Maple Syrup Better for You Than Sugar?


Q and A: Gary Taubes' 'Case Against Sugar' could change your diet forever

Sugar facts leave bad taste

Take the sugar-free challenge

What you need to know about the different types of sugar

Drink TEA to prevent type 2 diabetes

Sugar coating complex science, Damon Gameau’s 'That Sugar Film' inspires



Taxing sugar: sweet and sour

Consumers annoyed as popular chocolate bar plans to reduce sugar content

New lower sugar KitKats hit shelves

'Stop messing with our chocolate!': KitKat fans outraged 

KitKat cocoa content upped 13% in sugar reduction push



Cut sugar in cakes, chocolate by 20%, industry told

Recommendations set out for food industry to reduce sugar

Trending: Confectionery groups feel the heat from anti-sugar lobby

Panera expands its transparency on calories, adds low-sugar drinks



Do YOU know how much sugar is in your favourite pasta sauce? The answer might surprise you

Kids Get Over 9 Grams Of Sugar From Pasta Sauce, Here Are Some Of The Brands With The Highest Sugar Content

Chocolate bars could shrink by a fifth to avoid cutting sugar in obesity clampdown

'Low' Fat and Sugar Labels May Confuse Consumers