Strawberry Santas

This Christmas, swap chocolate Santas for Strawberry Santas!


These cute little guys will be a hit with the kids.

Better still, they are simple to prepare, delicious and healthy.

But best of all, they are super adorable!

You can watch nutritionist Angela Emmerton make strawberry santas and share other healthy Christmas ideas on this Facebook Live video.  



¼ cup marscapone cheese (cream cheese would do)

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

12 strawberries

Black cumin seeds, cacao nibs or similar for eyes



Combine the marscapone cheese and the vanilla extract. Place into a piping bag.

Prepare the strawberries by chopping off the stalk end to produce a flat surface so Santa can stand up.

Next, remove the tips about half a centimetre from the end to form Santa’s hat.

Stand the strawberries on a plate without their hats. 

Pipe the cheese mixture onto them and then add the tips back on top.

Add cumin seed eyes.

If you’re feeling inspired, you could add buttons down the front or a tiny pompom to the end of Santa’s nightcap, or even a fluffy beard.

Ho ho ho for Christmas treats that are low low low in sugar!