Low-sugar tips for flying


As any parent knows, travelling by plane with kids is already one of life’s big challenges.

In between managing loo trips or nappy changes, calming tears and tantrums, and stopping them from kicking the seat in front, eating well and avoiding that bloated feeling might seem like a distant dream.

But it is possible, with a bit of planning and some pre trip prep.

This effort will not only result in healthier kids, but a better travel experience for your family and other passengers.

That’s because sugar free kids are less likely to experience sugar rushes and the post sugar slump - making bad behaviour less likely.

Top tips for low-sugar air travel with kids

GO DIPPY Chop up some veggies like capsicums and carrots into sticks and bring along a small tub of hummus or other protein rich dip such as tzatziki. Sugar snap peas are fun as well. The dipping will make an activity in itself.

GO NUTS For older kids, small packs of almonds or other nuts are ideal (obviously not if allergies are an issue).

TREATS NOT EATS Pack some interesting items that are not food. Stickers, puzzles, colouring books, or a favourite toy can all be revealed at strategic times in the journey when distraction is needed.

DRINK WATER The security concerns about liquids can actually help by ruling out sugary juices and soft drinks. Most airports have drinking fountains now. Just bring an empty water bottle or sippy cup and fill up once you’re past security. (Remember, expressed breast milk or formula are already exempt from these restrictions).

CONSIDER COOKING How about a savoury muffin, with feta cheese and veggies? Or if you need your protein, bring some homemade meat muffins.

STORAGE SOLUTIONS Having lots of small reusable containers in your kitchen is helpful, so you’ve always got somewhere to store your travel snacks.

THIS SUCKS If you’ve got young children who suffer from ear pain at take off or landing, forget the lollies. Give them a drink bottle filled with water to sip on or, if they’re old enough, try nuts or popcorn to chew on.

DON’T GO BANANAS They squish easily, go gooey, and you’re left to dispose of the skin - creating mess and hassle you can do without. In fact, avoid oranges and other sticky fruit altogether.