Low sugar New Year's resolution #1: Drink less sugar

It's the time of year when we make New Year's resolutions in the hope of enjoying a better life by changing our habits. So what’s the number #1 offender in our diets when it comes to sugar? Sugary drinks - including seemingly healthy fruit juices, breakfast drinks and smoothies. 


The #1 low sugar New Year's resolution you could make is to drink less sugar.

Here's how:

When we think of sugar we tend to think about food, but some of the worst culprits are actually in liquid form.

If you’ve used our calculator you may have learnt that:

  • a 600ml bottle of soft drink contains 16 teaspoons of sugar
  • a 610ml smoothie contains 21 teaspoons of sugar
  • a breakfast drink contains 5 teaspoons of sugar
  • a glass of orange juice contains 5-6 teaspoons of sugar.

Remember, the World Health Organisation recommend an upper limit of 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. So one of these drinks smashes your daily limit way out of the ballpark!

Look out for apparently healthy smoothies as well - they often contain high levels of fruit juice, concentrates or even ice cream.

If you drink a lot of sugary drinks, cutting back can lead to a lot of sugar cravings and that is really tough. Ways to deal with this include drinking lots of water so you stay hydrated, and replacing a non sugary drink instead. Unsweetened tea or coffee could do the trick, or herbal teas (but watch for added sugar in these).

Here’s four easy steps you can take today to use #sugarswaps to get you on the path to a healthier life:

  1. If you drink soft drinks, smoothies or juice,  or any other sugary drinks - stop buying them.
  2. Remove sugary drinks from your pantry and fridge.
  3. If your kids ask for juice, #sugarswap for a glass of milk or a piece of fruit and water instead.
  4. Sugarswap juice bar smoothies for ones you make yourself, containing real fruit or vegies and with the fibre left in the drink to help you feel full.

Here's to a healthy, happy 2017, filled with nutritious food and far fewer empty calories from sugary drinks.

We'll drink to that!