How reducing added sugar has helped me



I have a family history of heart disease so a healthy lifestyle has been a high priority for me. When I retired I considered myself healthy, not overweight and doing enough exercise. Then I worked out my BMI (Body Mass Index) was 26 which is actually overweight.

I soon began to make some changes. Sugar was the first thing to go. I learned there are two sugars available to us being ‘added sugar’ – generally processed sugar that we or others add to our food and ‘natural sugar’ that we find in fruit and vegetables. I simply cut out all ‘added sugars’ in my diet. At the same time I significantly reduced processed foods.

These days my BMI is 21 (Healthy) and I lost 14kg easily. I have never felt better and my body seems to be managing my food much better. I wish I had realised how much sugar I was eating and the impact of it decades ago!

My doctor is amazed at my results and blood tests - I now have very low triglycerides and I have come off statins which has made me very pleased because I was not a fan of the side effects.

Today I mainly shop in the ‘Fruit & Vegetables’, ‘Meats’ and ‘Dairy’ aisles of supermarkets. Anything from other aisles in the supermarket, I think about it, read the labels carefully and reject all processed foods high in sugar and carbohydrates. I still eat the occasional quality chocolate, pasta or burger but nothing like the volumes of the past.

- Brian, South Australia

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