How much added sugar is in your breakfast?


By the time many of us finish breakfast we’ve eaten more added sugar than the recommended daily limit! Remember, the World Health Organisation recommends 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day for optimal health.

But there’s no need for breakfast to have as much sugar as a dessert. With some easy swaps you can start your day with little to no added sugar.

Here’s how these two easy breakfasts compare:


1. Sugary cereal with orange juice and fruit yoghurt

1 cup of sugary cereal = 2.5 teaspoons of added sugar

1 glass of orange juice (200ml) = 4.5 teaspoons of added sugar

1 tub of strawberry yoghurt (175g) = 4 teaspoons of added sugar

Total added sugar: 11 teaspoons


2. Wholewheat cereal with fruit and yoghurt 

2 Vita Brits

200g Greek Yoghurt 

Fresh blueberries

1 cup of water

Total added sugar: 0 teaspoons


See our breakfast swaps page for more ideas.