Many of us are eating way too much added sugar, often without realising it. Products marketed as healthy can be loaded with added sugars that harm us and our kids.
The food industry advocates personal choice but how can we make the right choices when we don't have the right information? 

Our food and drink labelling system only tells us the total sugars - this doesn’t distinguish between added sugars (that we need to be wary of) and natural sugars such as lactose found in milk.
The United States has recently changed their food labelling to include added sugars. We can do it too!
It’s time we have clear labelling that stops the deception and allows Australians to make informed choices. Please add your name to show industry and government we want to know how much added sugar is in our food and drinks.
Thanks for taking action!

I want to know how much added sugar is in my food and drink!

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