4 Ways A Low Sugar Lunchbox Will Help Your Child At School

What could a low sugar, fresh food lunchbox do for your child?


1.    Better behaviour 

Check out this video from UK program The Food Hospital. Children were divided into two groups, with half of them fed sugary snacks and the others fed healthy snacks. Researchers noted a total of 720 incidents of meanness, physical aggression and hyperactive behaviour in the group who ate the sugar, against just 120 in the other group.

By sending a low sugar lunchbox to school, you’re helping them sit still, focus and learn in the classroom. You’re also helping them save time and heartache dealing with the disciplinary and social consequences of sugar fuelled poor behaviour,

2.    Avoiding malnutrition 

It seems counterintuitive that a well fed, or even overweight, child could be suffering from malnutrition. But it is common for kids who consume too much sugar to be getting not enough of other important nutrients. Essential minerals like magnesium and calcium are used by the body as it processes sugar, so a high sugar diet can result in deficiency.

A low sugar lunchbox means your child's body can absorb the nutrients you've provided, giving them the nutritional tools they need for optimum brain development.

3.    Keeping teeth healthy 

It’s no secret that sugar causes tooth decay. And painful teeth, combined with time missed for trips to the dentist, will combine to make it that much harder for your child to keep up in class. Studies have even shown that children with poor dental health are more likely to get lower grades at school.

A low sugar lunchbox will help your child avoid tooth decay and keep their school attendance high. This in turn will give them a much better chance to learn.

4.    Avoiding sugar crashes

Sugar consumption causes your child’s blood sugar to spike. But just as quickly, their body will produce insulin to process the sugar, and their blood sugar levels will become low. This ‘sugar crash’ is common in children who consume high levels of added sugar. It can cause shakiness, sweating and poor behaviour – none of which are going to help them thrive at school.

By providing a healthy lunch, you will be helping to keep their blood sugar levels steady – and their learning and social development right on track.

Next steps

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