Labels with tobacco style warnings about the added sugar our processed foods contain could soon be a reality – if we can convince politicians that our health matters more than corporate profit.

Right now, food labels are confusing. They don’t tell us how much sugar occurs naturally and how much is added.

Health ministers from Australia and New Zealand are considering added sugar labelling and this is our chance to ensure our voices are heard. Please contact your local minister letting them know you’d like to see:

  1. Added sugar on the nutrition panel
  2. Added sugar clearly identified in the ingredients list
  3. Warning labels about high levels of added sugar are front of pack, like they have done in Chile, where the Ministry of Health issues black stop signs with a simple warning: HIGH IN SUGAR.

The World Health Organisation recommends no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar each day. We need labels on the front of products that make it clear that excess sugar is dangerous to our health.

Clear labels will help Australians address the sugar fuelled obesity crisis, reducing rates of serious illness and ensuring a healthy future for our kids.

Add your voice to the call for clear labelling of added sugar!

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