SugarByHalf Media Watch 4 Feb-11 Feb

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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Poor children face higher risk of obesity

Addressing child obesity: the crucial role for clinicians

Once underfed, Brazil's poor have a new problem: obesity

Let’s Stop Lying about Physical Activity and Obesity

Severe Obesity Rockets in Korea

We need a revolution in the nation's eating habits to break children's sugar addiction, says public health minister 

Families cannot tackle childhood obesity alone, EU study says

Soft drinks banned at Waitangi events at Treaty grounds to promote health

South Pacific islands ban western junk food and go organic

Dietary guidelines don’t work. Here’s how to fix them



Breakfast cereals targeted at children contain 'steadily high' sugar levels since 1992 despite producer claims

Expert says we are giving children the equivalent of alcohol for breakfast

European Soda makers vow to reduce added sugar by further 10%

Mars bars and KitKats to get smaller to meet new sugar reduction guidelines

Santa Fe committee endorses mayor’s soda tax/pre-K proposal

Michael Eades on The Case Against Sugar

Coca-Cola profits fall 55 per cent as consumers ditch sugary drinks

Survey: consumers' diets aren't as healthy as they think

Coca-Cola Plus: New Coke with fibre could be healthiest yet

USDA report: Americans still consuming 130 pounds (59 kg) of sweeteners per person per year

Sugary drink consumption by youth far exceeds recommended limit, researchers say

Sugary drinks tied to 63,000 deaths in the next 25 years, Canadian report warns

Pop consumption down, but sales of other sugary drinks have increased: study



Stick to This Diet If You Want to Reverse Diabetes Risk Factors—or Avoid Them Completely



The More-Bitter-Than-Sweet History of Sugar

7 Weird Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar, According To Experts

Sugar Divorce

Sugar: get the facts!

What happened when I gave up sugar, alcohol, grains and dairy for 30 days

19 smart sweet swaps to crush sugar cravings: chia pudding, bliss balls, chocolate cloud cake and more


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