SugarByHalf Media Watch 18 Feb-25 Feb

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Junk food marketing

Foods high in sugar still get health food star ratings as manufacturers ‘manipulate’ point system

Children's sugar intake equals five doughnuts a day, campaigners say

How a junk food ban could be the key to a healthy nation

EDITORIAL: Political debate over junk food

Push to ban junk food at schools


Sugar tax

Leading heart doctor believes in sugar tax

The case for a sugar tax

What is the sugar tax and who reckons its a good idea?

Sugar tax proposals divide experts and federal government

Mexico's sugar tax leads to fall in consumption for second year running?

Treatable disease: Researchers struggling to convince politicians merits of sugar tax

Hinch and Hanson against sugar tax push

Four things Australia could do to tackle the obesity crisis

Sugar tax not the answer to obesity: Hunt

Sales Fall Again in Mexico’s Second Year of Taxing Soda


The sugardemic

Excess sugar linked to Alzheimer’s: Study finds a ‘tipping point’

Is sugar affecting your fertility?

Fact or fiction: Is sugar addictive?

Coke supports WHO’s sugar guidelines 

Fanta refreshes brand after eight years, launches new range with liquid jelly

Coke is Running for President of the National Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Study provides key insights into intergenerational transmission of obesity

What’s Making Teens Obese? Hint: It’s Not the Lack of Exercise

First sign of obesity in Arctic people is discovered after remote tribes are exposed to instant noodles and pasta

Two dairies join initiative to stop kids getting sugary drinks before school



Adele’s personal trainer reveals the secrets behind her body transformation