SugarByHalf Media Watch 12 Feb-17 Feb

Here's our regular curation of the top content about sugar we've seen this week.

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The Sugardemic

Australia 'running behind' in obesity prevention policy, health specialists say 

Sugar and cancer ties

Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease

Doctor details the negative impact sugar has on people

We measured the amount of sugar in big brand drinks – and it was pretty scary

The Science of Sweet

Added sugar should account for no more than 10% of daily calories

Is sugar affecting your fertility? 

Alzheimer's: Excess sugar linked to disease



Sugar taxes

STUDY: Taxes and Subsidies for Improving Diet and Population Health in Australia: A Cost-Effectiveness Modelling Study 

Do ‘Sin Taxes’ Really Change Consumer Behavior?

Sugar, salts and fat taxes could save health budget $3.4 billion and increase life expectancy

Sugar tax would prolong Australians' lives, reduce health costs, Melbourne researchers find

Australia would save $3.4bn if junk food taxed and fresh food subsidised, says study

News release: Sticker shock — Canadians projected to pay a steep price for sugary beverages

Spyware’s Odd Targets: Backers of Mexico’s Soda Tax


Junk Food Marketing to Kids

Foods high in sugar still get health food rating stars as manufacturers 'manipulate' point system 

Kids targeted by junk food ads, call for government intervention

Children still fed junk food ads on TV

RESEARCH: Food advertisements on UK television popular with children: a content analysis in relation to dental health

Lifestyle and tips

3 Sweet Ways to Cut Sugar From your Diet

11 processed foods potentially high in added sugar
7 Weird Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar, According To Experts
Sugar in foods you’d never expect: 5 tips to help your family reduce its daily sugar intake
17 Easy Healthy Snacks To Keep You Energized All Day Long
The best trick for cutting down on sugar